Hanoi, Vietnam

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3D & BIM Technology Services

Point cloud to CAD

Project information: Create as-built CAD drawings from Point cloud data CAD drawings not only follow the survey data (point cloud) but also show materials as well as surface conditions of walls, roof …

Infrastructure BIM model from Point cloud

Project Information: Create 3D BIM models of Infrastructure: Road, Building, Signs, Electric Pole, Lighting Pole. Build contour, create 2D GIS survey drawings. Input data from Point cloud, Drone photos.


Create DEM (Terrain), Orthophotos from Drone photos

Project Information: Processing photos and videos taken from Drone, UAV survey or conventional imaging devices. The result is Point cloud, 3D mesh model, DEM (Terrain), Orthophotos.


Architectural 3D modeling and Visualization

Project Information: Create 3D models of building, landscaping, parking… Render video, photos, architectural illustrations. Input data from the preliminary sketch.


3D model of Subway

Project information: 3D modeling for stations, tunnels and subway lines. Create virtual reality VR models for the Station. Create video and photos for presentation.

Interchange in Infraworks

Project information: 3D model of multi-level Interchange in Autodesk Infraworks.


3D Topographic Model for Printing

Project information: Topographic model, city area, country model… low poly for 3D printing, CNC cutting. Combination of elevation data of actual terrain and 3D model to calculate the size and number of suitable printed layers.

Architecture BIM model from Point cloud

Project information: Architectural BIM model in Autodesk Revit. The input data is Point cloud.


BIM 5D Simulation

Project information: 3D BIM modeling of buildings, road, tunnel… Combination of 3D Model + Schedule (4D) + Cost (5D). Construction simulation in Autodesk Navisworks. Video:

2D and 3D Floor Plan from Point cloud

Project information: Create 2D Floor Plan drawings with full measurement. Create 3D Floor Plan with furniture. The input data is Point cloud.