Hanoi, Vietnam

Category: Services

3D & BIM Technology Services

BIM Services

We provide BIM services for infrastructure and civil projects: BIM 3D, 4D, 5D (create 3D models from sketches, 2D drawings, Point cloud…) BIM coordination. BIM Management.

VR Technology Services

We provide Virtual reality Services: 2D, 3D design conversion to VR (Virtual Reality) model. Combine with glasses to view and interact with the model visually. Create movies (VA – Virtual Animation) directly from the model for projection and presentation.

3D Services

We provide 3D services: 3D modeling of infrastructure, civil projects. 3D visualization, 3D simulations. 3D for printing technology, CNC cutting. 3D terrain models with orthophotos from drone survey (UAV, Drone). GIS 3D: 3D models with geographical data.