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3D & BIM Best Services

BIM Services

BIM 3D, 4D, 5D.
BIM Coordination.
BIM Management.

3D Services

3D/CAD Modeling.
3D Visualization and Simulation.
3D Printing, CNC Cutting.

VR Technology Services

Virtual Reality (VR) model.
VR for Gaming.
Virtual Animation (VA) – 3D Video.


NDM 3Dtech Projects Showcase

Architecture BIM from Point cloud
BIM 5D Simulation
2D & 3D Floor Plan from Pointcloud
Smart Parking Building
Infrastructure 3D Model
3D Model for Printing
3D of Electric, Broadcasting Poles
VR Model for Unreal Engine
Point cloud to CAD
Infrastructure BIM from Point cloud
3D Topographic Model for Printing
Create DEM model from Drone photos

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