Hanoi, Vietnam

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3D & BIM Technology Services

Smart Parking Building

Project information: 3D modeling and simulation of Smart Parking Building. Demonstration of operation of the automatic vehicle inspection system.


Infrastructure 3D Model

Project information: 3D modeling of Infrastructure: bridges, roads, tunnels, landscaping,… Create video, photos for presentation. Video:


3D Model for Printing

Project information: Create 3D printed models of historical works with high detail, many specific architectural motifs. Video:

3D of Electric, Broadcasting Poles from Point cloud

Project information: Digitalize Electric, Broadcasting Poles from Point cloud data, create 3D models and 2D drawings. The digitized model will be easy for management, maintenance, repair…

VR Model for Unreal Engine

Project information: 3D model for real estate projects by Unreal Engine. Models include topography, houses, roads…

BIM Services

We provide BIM services for infrastructure and civil projects: BIM 3D, 4D, 5D (create 3D models from sketches, 2D drawings, Point cloud…) BIM coordination. BIM Management.

VR Technology Services

We provide Virtual reality Services: 2D, 3D design conversion to VR (Virtual Reality) model. Combine with glasses to view and interact with the model visually. Create movies (VA – Virtual Animation) directly from the model for projection and presentation.

3D Services

We provide 3D services: 3D modeling of infrastructure, civil projects. 3D visualization, 3D simulations. 3D for printing technology, CNC cutting. 3D terrain models with orthophotos from drone survey (UAV, Drone). GIS 3D: 3D models with geographical data.